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Limousine and Livery business owners are taking advantage of Limo Solution, Inc's very affordable World Limo Biz software, systems and services to manage reservations, generate automatic pricing, improve customer service, promote business, grow revenue and more.

Created with you and your customers convenience in mind, World Limo Biz software and systems are easy to use and accessible anytime from anywhere.

World Limo Biz provides Solutions for Driving Your Success!

World Limo Biz
Limo Solution strives to provide the very best and most affordable software, systems and services, which is why we have bolstered our customer care and R&D efforts. We have also assigned the global marketing of World Limo Biz to Above & Beyond Communications.

World Limo Biz Solutions... Your Advantages!

Is running your business taking more from you each day?
Solution: Streamline your business today!
World Limo Biz easy-to-use software can increase your efficiency and accuracy, grow your revenue, and reduce the time it takes to provide your customers with the highest level of service available; and as an extra bonus, free up some time to do other things than business.

Tried of missing or managing bookings or taking calls at all hours?
Solution: Online Reservation Made Simple!
World Limo Biz online reservation system is your 24/7 convenience feature to enhance your customer service, help increase bookings and managing them easier, while eliminating the need for you to take calls at all hours, or any hour of the day on any day of the week, including holidays.

Want to get an edge on your competitors but not sure how?
Solution: Competitive Web Presence & SEO!
In today's competitive world having a website and SEO are necessities and with World Limo Biz you can get more than a customer appealing website, you'll have a competitive website presence that will serve and sell to grow revenue, and SEO support so more people can find you.

Are you stuck for ideas of how to promote your business?
Solution: Power Promoting!
With World Limo Biz you have access to Limo Solution's talented, experienced and knowledgeable marketing pro's that can Power Promote your business, no matter where you're located in the World, to help Drive your Success faster and further than you might even thought possible.

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